We called, and you answered. We asked for dreams, and you shared them.

We’re psyched!

During the Holly Jolly Giveaway, we emailed the registrants and asked them to share with us their dreams for 2019, and how $25K could help them get there. 

And they could also earn 10 extra entries towards their chance at winning.

Some of your responses were doozies. Bold thinking, clearly bullet-pointed, and definitely exciting.

So here they are, and as you continue to share them with us, we’ll read each one, and maybe feature it up here with this list! 

Jordan Finch

2019 is the year of the grand website and brand rebuild for Finch Woodworks (hopefully with Enable)!

Finch Woodworks is a full service, custom woodwork and timber frame designer & builder located in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

While we do custom woodwork of all kinds, we primarily design, engineer and build traditionally joined (pegged, mortise and tenon) structures, both classical and modern, with an emphasis on craftsmanship, precision and the celebration of the unique characteristics of wood.

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All of our work is created in my 10,000 sq ft shop and delivered to site for installation by us in a matter of days – it’s what I refer to as “old-school modular” – we can provide custom timber work of the highest level, anywhere.

Our craftsmanship and execution is second to none and we aspire to be the preeminent timber frame shop in the mid Atlantic for the most discriminating clients.

As a former professor of timber framing at the American College of the Building Arts in Charleston, SC, I bring a deep knowledge of traditional joinery and timber framing methods from around the world and the design capabilities to implement them effectively.
Finch Woodworks has been in business since 2003 and has never really had a proper/well composed/findable web presence – check out www.finchwoodworks.com , you’ll see how nice the woodworking is and how bad the website is!

We have been able to do incredible work over the last 15 years by word of mouth, recommendations, a trickle of web inquiries and a direct hustle approach by me to potential architects, builders and owners. It has been good, but it has been difficult and uncertain at times. I would like our work to reach a wider audience more easily and directly and be more easily “findable” when people search the web for timber frame companies.

The $25k giveaway would be an incredible way to develop FW’s as a company and is a package beyond my wildest dreams. For the last 15 years, “developing the website” has perpetually been on the to do list.

As a self employed, sole provider running a small shop with a growing family, funds have always been tight and one project keeps happening after another, such that “website development” always stayed on the to do list as I continued to practice my craft, funnel resources back into the business and support my family. 2019 is the year that the website gets taken off the to do list!

Peter Tapsak

We aim to provide state-of-the-art laboratory analysis services to the growing alcoholic beverage industry in VA, with a special focus on Virginia wine.

Although equivalent services exist on the other side of the US, we will provide precise and reliable testing with the speed and cost-effectiveness of a regional partner.

By providing a more robust toolkit to craft beverage makers with an emphasis on addressing Virginia-specific production challenges, we hope to improve the quality of Virginia wine, beer, and spirits to better compete in the global market.

Sarah Barraza

Our dream at the Immigration Law Office of Moises L. Barraza is to change people’s lives and keep families together by obtaining solutions to their immigration dilemmas.

On the business side of things, our goal for 2019 is to streamline our processes so we can spend more time actually serving our clients and less time on administrative tasks.


John Cuddeback

In 2019 I plan to expand my site, Bacon from Acorns, to provide direction and resources for people who want to be more intentional about their households. I especially seek to support young couples and new families trying to respond to everyday challenges. By connecting to an ancient wisdom, together we can discern how to live a fully human life today.


Chloe Brooks

One of my biggest goals for 2019 is launching a course for new freelancers who want to be able to grow and scale their solo businesses without putting in years of trial and error to get there. But building and marketing a course is time-consuming … and we freelancers don’t have a lot of spare time on our hands. Winning this contest would not only give me the time to step away from my regular marketing and focus on the course, but it would also give me a better platform (a shiny new website) to share that course from.


Ginny Kochis

My dream is twofold: I want to support Catholic moms raising curious, creative, and intense kids in the Church through products, courses, and books. I’d also like to be able to support my family while my husband continues his work as a school counselor for the Diocese of Arlington. Our family is outgrowing our home and we need more space but can’t afford it on his salary.


Brian Gallagher

My business is called Moments of Faith and it is dedicated to keeping God at the heart of life. We provide Christian keepsake books for those who are experiencing a significant event of the Christian life, whether it be wedding, anniversary, loss, birth, etc…

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I want to provide for our customers a way of spiritual reflection on these events as well as a place to record details of the events themselves. We want our customers to dig deeper by reading our books, we want them to consider life and how God has led them to where they are today.

What amazing things will you do personally and professionally?

I am going to run a half-marathon (with your brother), I’m going to lose 25 pounds and I’m going to write a book with a saint called Love Your Cross for TAN Books and Saint Benedict Press. Oh…. and I’m going to adopt a baby. I am going to grow my business and make a difference in people’s lives. I want to serve God with my talents and bring Him into focus for others who are distracted by this busy world.

Jamie Irvine

My business is a podcast and a consulting practice. I call it Build a Better Business with Jamie Irvine. You can listen to my episode about my dream here.

This is my dream. 

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To build a better business I believe that leadership is the foundation. I also believe that leaders must pursue big dreams of making a real difference in the lives of the stakeholders in that business and the community it is a part of.

Those stakeholders are the customers the business serves, the employees the business employs, and the suppliers, lenders, and investors the business forms partnerships with.

The community that the business serves is the place the business calls home, this includes the city or county, the province or state, the country, and the continent. Yes, the world itself.

It’s fitting then that I share with you my dream for the Build a Better Business Podcast and my consulting practice.

You see, I have a dream where every business is contributing to making the world a better place.

I have a dream where the leaders of those businesses are chasing big audacious dreams of their own. Things like repairing our environment, managing technology in a way that puts people first, taking care of children, protecting the elderly, eliminating diseases, and enhancing the experience of the people who are making the most contribution to the economy – the average working adult. These are but a few of the things the leaders of these better businesses will pursue.

They would also focus on fixing vehicles honestly and correct the first time, building high-quality homes and renovating homes honestly and correct the first time, and showing up on time to perform whatever service they provide for their customers.

They would manufacture products that enhance the life of its users without manipulating them or damaging the environment. They would leverage technology to help the user without exploiting people with addictive components that enslave the user instead of setting them free.

Well, you get the idea.

I want to invite you to join this community of people who are dedicated to the dream of a world filled with better businesses. A world where people come together to create, build and innovate products and services that make things better, not worse.

That is why we conclude every episode with an invitation and a reminder that to accomplish this every leader must dream, every manager must lead, and every employee must care, because I believe that is how you build a better business and that is how we will change the world one business at a time.

Now admittedly this is a monumental task, and although I talk about my dream the fact that you have accepted my invitation and are listening to this podcast (or reading this email) means that this really isn’t my dream at all, rather it is your dream, it’s your story, it’s your journey!

You are that leader that must first develop a dream, then convince your managers to become leaders, and finally get your employees to care!

If it is your story and your dream then I am just a guide who will show you how to do it and together we will win the day, we will prevail, and we will make a difference!

Elizabeth Marcolini

Amavi is a party decor rental service that is customizable and delivered to your doorstep.

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I’m hoping to launch my business locally, gain traction quickly, seek and receive angel investment and grow quickly!

I envision it turning it into a multi-city, nation wide company serving the needs of communities in every major city.

I’d love to help women, especially, to feel confident in their hostess abilities and pride in what they’ve created for their community.

I see Amavi as a tool to bring people together, through beauty.

Melanie Wexler

My Dream Business! It actually starts back in 2016 when I abruptly quit my job with the staffing company I had been working for the last 8 years. I was literally crying going a meeting where I was going to meet my 15th Executive Vice-President in those 8 years and I just couldn’t do it anymore, so I quit! Stupid.. yes and no.

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Well I go into 2017 and I start working for a “friend” that had an online marketing business and a start up non profit. I honestly made his passion and love of the non profit mine. However, things don’t always work out like you plan. With no money coming in… my salary (almost 5x less than what I had been making) was on less than a shoe string budget… in fact we might have stolen the shoe string at some time. My relationship drastically deteriorated with this “Friend” and by that summer I was back in the market for a new job. It actually didn’t take long for me to have an offer on the table, like the first person I contacted. But things didn’t work out and I knew if the employer couldn’t come through with some basic promises in my offer letter this was not going to work out. Found another job about a couple of months later and subsequently was laid off the weekend of Thanksgiving 2017. Here was my 16 year career in staffing in rubble.. I had never been fired from a job nor laid off and I am pretty sure I had hit rock bottom. I was without a career, without any money to my name and I decide to go ahead and launch my coaching business. I had taken a 15 week intensive course with my former life coach and knew i had the tools given my career to be a successful Career Coach.

So I launched my business. Invested in LinkedIn Profinder and was fortunate to bring on some clients fairly quickly. I have literally created everything on my own. 2017 taught me so much about hitting rock bottom, building yourself up and creating new possibilities so in 2018 my focus was to just rebuild, my life, my career, my family. I took a job as the Recruitment Manager for a firm in DC that still allows me to be a coach…so now I run a full-time business and have a full-time job, plus 2 hours commute, I am a single mom and have plates spinning left and right.

My dream… is to build this business! I envision blogs, weekly newsletter, courses…. I will be successful in this. Having a website I feel is a huge catalyst for allowing me to build my brand and my business. I want to be able reach individuals and work with them to allow them to achieve their very best. I want to build this business to have something sustainable long after my career in recruitment has long ended. Being able to win this amazing package, simply would be the catalyst in allowing me to build my dream.

Brad Torline 

For 2019 my dream is to launch “The Parish Project:” a non-profit initiative that will help recruit, train, & fund onsite “parish missionaries” who will help pastors build the leadership teams & simple, effective ministry processes they need succeed.

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I am hoping to start a Catholic Non-Profit initiative in the next year dedicated to empowering local Catholics and parishes to better evangelize our local community. It will be called the NKY Catholic Institute and be dedicated to serving my diocese’s ~ 50 parishes and institutions and 90,000 Catholics.

To launch a non-profit that will help parishes more effectively live out their mission to make Christ known and loved in the culture. We’ll do this through the work of parish missionaries: passionate, catholic young adults who will fundraise their salaries so that they can serve on site to help parishes become more effective by: clarifying their mission, building a simple, effective ministry process, & recruiting the leadership team they need to succeed. 

Stephen Hambleton 

I think this is so awesome of you guys. Thank you for the opportunity. 2019 for us will be awesome…we are looking forward to it. After some R&R over Christmas we are looking to start strong for 2019.

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We are going to be looking for better ways to retain employees and help them feel part of a growing company and a place they want to work long term. A huge push will be for even better customer service by adding a Consultant and a Virtual Office assistant for 2019 to help us better serve our already great customers. We will also be adding more services by expanding into Irrigation maintenance starting in 2019. Part of our plans from the beginning of Reliable Lawn Care. These are the biggest “add-ons” we are excited about and looking forward to implement. In addition to striving to provide better customer service in 2019 we are also striving to allow more family time which is very important to our business culture and our family… to have good work/life balance for us and our team.

If we won the prize we would be ecstatic as most people would be. Overhauling our website and bringing it into the current era would be a huge plus. Making the website work for us and then having the corresponding marketing material to go along with it would be outstanding. While still focusing on long term growth with Enable’s team we would create a marketing plan to bring in specific work for 2019 (Lawn Care and Irrigation maintenance) and make it the best year ever in terms of branding, marketing, consistent messaging and customer service all while growing the bottom line.

We feel that this prize could help propel us further and quicker in becoming the premier lawn care company on our area.

Here’s to a great 2019.

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