About Enable

Every small business deserves a chance to thrive and win their market.

Enable is a lean, agile, and expert marketing company. We help you communicate a clear Story through your branding and website, define a Strategy for growth, and go Social to generate leads.

Enable helps home services, law firms and healthcare practices avoid failing after 5 years.

Most small business owners (76%) are struggling to stay afloat. They’re either afraid of marketing, or don’t know how to do it well.

All of that is because they don’t have a clear strategy that

  • helps them stand out from their competition
  • make sense of websites and social media
  • generates new leads regularly.


80% of small businesses fail in 5 years.


46% of businesses still don’t have a website.


23% are not mobile-friendly.

And marketing consultants are a mixed bag everywhere.

It can feel impossible to tell who’s loaded with bad practices and weak advice. Most agencies have crippling rates for the bootstrapped small business.

It’s those kind of firms  who force home services, law firms, and healthcare practices to try and go it alone.

Any marketer who doesn’t make you top priority, and care about your clients as much as you do, will never be an asset to your strategy.

The Enable Approach

You don’t have to hire a pricey DC design firm to grow your business.

Enable is a lean, agile, and expert marketing company committed to helping your small business win your market.

For a better price, you get clarity of purpose in your business, a custom strategy, and a dedicated team you can count on. We put a premium on hiring amazing people, so that you can enjoy working with us.

Staying small and light on our feet is key. You need to move and make changes with speed and precision. We have your back. We’re hyper focused on ROI and building strategies that work.

On average, an Enable powered website brings you:


1 lead every 3 days


3.2% lead conversion.

(Industry average is 2.35%)


~30% of your visitors visit your contact page.

“Jeremy and his team at Enable Design created a beautiful functional website for me. The process was very easy and smooth.

Communication and updates were frequent and I always felt like I could reach out with questions and concerns. I am a new business and Jeremy was able to create the site I wanted within my budget and time frame. I have referred my own clients to Enable Design because I trust them to do great work and take care of my clients just like I would.”

Elizabeth Morris

The Enable Story

You don’t have to hire a pricey DC design firm to grow your business.

What does a waiter, an author, and a liberal arts major have in common? 31,000 hours.  Coffee, and the love of an amazing customer experience. We bonded over a tiny hole-in-the-wall office, just off a small Main street in rural Virginia. Together, we worked for a solid year to create a plan to help small businesses.

That plan works.

After long weeks and weekends away from family, the sacrifice has paid off. We taught ourselves how to master the basics of online marketing. Then we learned the more advanced stuff. Then, we figured exactly what a small business needs to get out of survival mode, and start thriving. Over a latte. In each hand.

This is what we’re saying. You can get off the failure train right now. You can avoid being one of the 50% who go out of business in 5 years. You can grow your business, without breaking the bank. You can enjoy the new sense of freedom that our simple strategies bring you. Heck, if you want to learn them for yourself, we’ll teach you.

We both know it’s easy to say stuff. Marketers talk cheap all the time. So test us. Call us, see if we’re as friendly as we say. Explore our plan. Read our reviews. We guarantee that you can afford all the incredible value we want for you.

I’m Jeremy Minick, and I created Enable. My team and I believe small businesses are the future, and we want to help you succeed. 31,000 hours. And the payoff is yours: affordable websites, graphic design and marketing for small businesses.

So now, how can we help you?

Meet the Team

Jeremy Minick


Dominic de Souza


William Skuba


Kayla Newcomb


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