For our recent anniversary, I bought my wife a necklace she’d been eyeing for a while.

She had saved it to her Etsy favorites list; a, tiny 24 karat gold curve on a filigree chain.

But what blew me away was the unboxing experience.

First of all, it was wrapped in a pale tissue paper, sealed with a shiny ribbon. The glossy box opened smoothly, about 8 inches long. Inside was a cloud of rustic straw, or something like that. And pressed into the straw was a tiny glass bottle.

The necklace had been slipped inside this bottle, corked, and a tiny tag attached. It looked like something that had washed up on a beach somewhere, treasure from a wreck, or another world, and slipped straight to you.

I was in awe.

I’ve no idea how much all those materials cost, but it must have easily wiped through any profits she made off the necklace.

I kept wanting to take out my phone and share the whole thing on Instagram.

You see, here’s the thing. Most people expect a standard presentation; a black, velvet jewelry display. Nothing amazing about that.

Certainly nothing worth Instagramming.

But what if it was?

We Live in an Instagram Era


What if you not only surprised your shoppers with a great product, but created an amazing unboxing experience?

An experience so unique and exciting that they’re forced to whip out their phones and walk their friends through the process?

And then those friends are inspired to experience it for themselves?

This thought really began simmering in my mind after reading this Shopify article: “How to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience.” I’d also heard about how amazing the Apple iPhone unboxing experience is.
At the time, I worked with a company that shipped stuff out daily, batches of books and lists taped together in brown boxes.

These boxes went all over the world, straight into people’s homes. Opening one was like Christmas morning. And yet, these things were still being done as they had been in a pre-Instagram era.

The company struggled with growth. Can you imagine what might happen if some of the profits, small as they were, were turned into a lush, magical unboxing experience? One that families felt compelled to film and share with their friends?

There’s a level of intimacy and believability there, a personal referral you couldn’t pay someone to make.

Make More Magic

A bunch of online stores and product lines begin as hobbies, or for fun, or as proofs of concept.

Can you imagine taking some of your initial profit, and turning it all toward an unforgettable unboxing experience?

I can imagine some amazing payoffs:


Free Advertising

‘Free advertising’ for what it’s like to experience shopping with you. That’s always a big deal, especially with online shopping becoming so ‘beige’, to quote a recent eBay commercial.

Brand Exposure

More exposure for your branding collateral. Someone unpacking your item has to not only wade through the charm and excitement of your creativity, but pick up your business card, your gift card, and or your hand-written thank you note. All of these show people that you’re all about a one-to-one, personal touch.

Satisfy Clients

You’re giving your clients something amazing to share. If they have Instagram accounts, or a social network that they post regularly to, you just gave them something cool to share with their audience. You just made them look cool.

So there’s a bunch of awesome notes that can be hit if some extra time and creativity comes out of your initial profits.

You create a unique experience with your client, and win instant brownie points.

They get something cool to share and experience with others.

You get a chance to increase your exposure to an audience you couldn’t have paid to reach.

And just as importantly, bring some magic into the world.

The packaging that products arrive in is the theatre.

It’s the stage that presents the main event to you, as you consume and digest it.

As a kid, Christmas and your birthday were the best time of year because you got PRESENTS!… The exhilarating anticipation was nothing short of magic. The surprise and delight was pure ecstasy.

The Anatomy Of A Killer Unboxing Video: How and Why

Have you had an amazing unboxing experience?

Comment below and share it with me!

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