This is a recap of week three in the ongoing Holly Jolly Giveaway series, where a small team of marketers and web designers are giving away $25K worth of services for an entire year to one lucky winner.

This started as a zero-prep project, with no budget, no mailing list, and no organic social reach.

It’s a way for us to (of course) generate leads during the slower time of the year. And just as importantly, see what it takes to run something crazy and see what success is like.

And it’s been working.

Our own clients have been watching with interest. Then calling up and saying, “Hey, I want something like this.”

Psst: check out the giveaway.

So, last week, I shared with you our brainstorming for the next couple of weeks. We realized that we’d book-ended the giveaway with great ideas. The initial push, and the big reveal of the winner on Christmas day.

But we didn’t plan for the ‘slog’ in between.

So we took a week to kick around ideas, and identify the ones that we could realistically make happen – during all the Christmas craziness and emergencies that *always* happen right as you get your second cup of coffee…

You know what I’m talking about.

1. Dream Series

First thing we did was decide to celebrate our registrants. Each one of them has a vision for the new year.

We wanted to help them envision it, and share it with the community. We could then turn them into short graphics with a backlink, and see how people respond.

Everyone loves a chance in the spotlight. So instead of gabbing about us all the time, we wanted to give you a chance as well. After all, you’re the wannabe winners.

So we sent out an email to the registrants, and asked them to share a couple of sentences on their dreams for 2019, and how $25K could help them make it happen.

We also sweetened the pot.

Every response earned you an extra 10 entries in the giveaway.

Almost overnight, 10 responses slammed into our inbox.

We picked through the best ones (some people weren’t as clear as we hoped), and we showcased them on our blog. Check them out here.

Then we grabbed a single sentence from each one, and turned them into graphics that we can share on our fanpages, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Next step is getting them highlighted as a gallery on the Giveaway page; I’m thinking an Instagram gallery would be a good idea, that way visitors can actually comment and well-wish the actual people.

We actually even sweetened the pot a little more.

We should probably stop at this point.

Any registrant who responded with their story also earned a 20% off any website they contracted Enable to build in the new year.

Just in case you don’t win, you still get something helpful.

Btw, if you want in – register here, and then reply with your story….

2. 12 Days of Christmas Breakdown

This was kind of a no brainer, so we’re doing it. Every day until Christmas, we’re also releasing a graphic highlighting one of the 12 things you’re winning in 2019.

Each one is broken into it’s own graphic, with a bit of description text breaking it down.

So that’s easy enough.

It’s like the pros always say: “First say it, then make sure you’ve said it. And to be sure, say it again.”

Pretty sure that was Ogilvy in his landmark book. I probably highlighted it somewhere…

Anyhoo… So we’re saying it.

3. Retargeting Ads

To make sure that you don’t miss out on the chance of a lifetime (I think we can get away with saying that!), we’re running a retargeting ad on Facebook.

So if you visited the website, especially the Giveaway, you’ll probably see an ad inviting you to earn some extra entries for yourself by liking and sharing the ad.

4. What’s next?

That’s a really good question. Building up all this energy and organic reach has been fascinating.

After the campaign is over, I’ll run an before and after comparison on our analytics and traffic, and see how we did.

But more importantly, we’re figuring out how to do more. How to continue enabling businesses to thrive and succeed in 2019.

Perhaps its another giveaway. Maybe a directory website highlighting family fun events in our area. Perhaps its a tailgate conference for home services specialists in the northern VA area.

Actually… that sounds amazing. Anyway, we’ll let you know.

In the short term, we’re gunning to send out an update once a month in the new year, showing you what happens to every registrant who goes forward with a website with us.

Extra advertising for them? Totally.

For now, we’re coasting into 130 leads, as of this morning.

Which is pretty amazing.

130 warm leads who are now aware of what we do, and may be open to our services in the new year.

We know that we’re psyched to be of service to every single one.

I’d love to know your thoughts and feedback at this point. Anything you would have done?

This is going to make an amazing case study when it’s over.

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