I’ve been thinking about writing more blog posts a lot lately.

Let me tell you why.

There are a lot of reasons, actually, but I’ll point to three in particular.


Content Marketing Plan

First, as the owner of a web design and marketing firm (whose site you’re on right now), I constantly tell my clients the importance of a content marketing plan. I tell them this because I’ve seen it work for small businesses everywhere, including our clients. It’s time to start taking my own medicine.


Share Insights

Second, I’ve picked up lots of little snippets of wisdom about marketing, sales, support, and running a small business in my 3+ years running Enable and I’d like to share it for others who may be on a similar journey.



Third, I’d like to treat this as an experiment both for myself and others to see. The experiment is this: how much will my website’s pageviews, users, lead generation and sales increase by writing 3 blog posts per week, over the next 5 months?

Taking A Dose Of My Own “Content Marketing” Medicine

As I mentioned, I advise business owners regularly that a content marketing plan needs to be a part of their digital marketing strategy.

Content Marketing plans can have many purposes, but I believe for small businesses it often boils down to two main reasons:

  1. to drive traffic
  2. to bring relevant users to a website.

The more traffic and relevant users you bring to your site, the greater your opportunity for generating leads and making sales.

I must confess my intention for blogging more is much the same.

By blogging about topics related to web design, marketing, and questions often asked in our target verticals of law firms, home services, and healthcare, my goal is to draw visitors to our site through SEO (“keyword focused”) topics and through interest driven pieces.

If I do my job well, the visitors I bring to this website will be the same people we seek as our clients; hopefully, they’ll appreciate our approach to web design and marketing and aim to learn more about what we do and how we can help them.

I’ve Picked Up Some Wisdom Along The Way

In addition to producing more content as a part of a lead generation strategy, I also want to share some of the insights and observations of building a web design and marketing company from the ground up.

Similarly, in providing marketing strategy and support for a variety of business in unique industries, I’ve realized a surprising number of commonalities about what makes the best business tick faster and better than the others.

In particular, I remember when I first started on this path towards building my own company, I found an unquantifiable amount of inspiration and guidance from WordPress Theme juggernaut Elegant Themes who, at the time, was a producing a podcast called “Divi Nation” (here’s the very first episode).

Each week, the Divi Nation episode would focus on an interview with a leader in the web design and marketing space, highlighting their journey into growing their own business and the hurdles they had to jump to do so.

The personal stories and practical advice shared by young and old entrepreneurs alike was gold and I finished each episode always with the same thought:

how did they know that’s exactly what I’ve been wondering?

(I want to personally thank Nathan B. Weller for hosting the Divi Nation podcast, as well as Elegant Themes for the unceasing top-quality content they continue to publish)

Experiment 60: What Will 60 Blog Posts Over the Next 5 Months Do To My Bottom Line?

Perhaps the greatest reason of all for blogging more and producing more content is that I want to use it as an experiment for the power of content marketing.

I’ve listened to more podcasts, read more blogs, and studied more courses on the importance of content marketing than I’d care to share. And “surprisingly” all of them keep emphasizing the same thing:

content marketing is important and you just need to start doing it.

So, I’m going to keep listening, but I’m also going to start putting my finger to the keyboard and push play on my video camera.

Part of what may have inspired me is that we’ve published probably a grand total of 4 blog posts at Enable over the past 90 days, yet our pageviews and users has grown by about 15%. (A lot of it has been due to this post.)


Yes, you read that right:

4 blog posts = 15% growth.

I figure, then, that if I produce 60 pieces of content over the next 5 months, I’ll be (at a minimum) in a better place than where I started and could be (if I’m successful) an excellent case study demonstrating the power of content marketing for a small business.


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