Squarespace vs WordPress: which is better? In some cases, that might depend on what you’re trying to do.

For over a decade, WordPress has been the gold standard when it comes to content management systems (CMS). Used by the Chicago Sun Times, Forbes, and many other prestigious online publications, it’s well suited to websites that revolve around text articles. With a wealth of themes and plugins, it’s no wonder why so many people choose WordPress.

Squarespace is one of the key competitors. In some ways, they cater to a slightly different market space. WordPress, while easy to use, offers nearly endless customizability.

Squarespace, on the other hand, is designed to be as easy as possible for non-technical users. It’s very “drag and drop,” and it allows almost anyone to create a beautiful site for themselves or their business.

Squarespace vs WordPress: Which is Better for SEO?

But there’s one critical question that drives the decision for savvy entrepreneurs: which is better for SEO? Neither one is an SEO death sentence, of course, but when it comes to Squarespace vs WordPress, it’s no contest: WordPress is the superior choice.

The SEO Benefits of Squarespace

The question of Squarespace vs WordPress is a matter of the owner’s experience level and the website’s intent, as well as SEO. Squarespace is a popular choice for small businesses. It’s easy to use, the sites look great, and if you don’t need anything fancy, it gives you what you need.

But is Squarespace good for SEO? Squarespace doesn’t have the SEO plugins that WordPress does, but the site claims that “Your Squarespace site is already optimized for search engines.” How much of that is true?

Squarespace does offer a few key SEO features:

  • Sitemaps. Sitemaps are essential for helping Google crawl your site. Squarespace automatically creates one for every user, and you can utilize it through Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Search engine description. Squarespace allows you to edit a description of your website that’s intended for search engines.
  • Site title. You can also specify a title tag with Squarespace.

It’s not that Squarespace is bad for SEO, per se. Building your site on Squarespace doesn’t mean it can’t rank in Google. But there’s a limit to how much you can customize, and few SEO-specific plugins that you can leverage. Squarespace is designed for those who don’t want to mess around with their SEO.

If you want more customization and a more active role — for yourself or for an agency you’ve hired — WordPress offers much more. If you ask a web developer or a digital marketer about Squarespace vs WordPress, they’ll probably recommend WordPress.

The SEO Benefits of WordPress


When comparing Squarespace vs WordPress, WordPress is a clear winner when it comes to SEO. While the platform has more of a learning curve, it offers a much greater degree of customization. When it comes to SEO, WordPress offers quite a few benefits:

  • Adding content is easy. Google’s algorithm tends to favor websites that update periodically. WordPress, well known as a blogging platform, makes it easy to add new content to your website.
  • Plugins. WordPress has thousands of plugins available, many of which help you optimize your website for SEO. Yoast and All in One SEO are popular examples.
  • Customizable permalinks. When you create a page or post, you can customize its URL, keeping it SEO friendly.

WordPress has a great reputation for SEO. Every time you Google something, there’s a good chance that the website you click on was created in WordPress.

WordPress is Better than Squarespace for SEO

In the contest of Squarespace vs WordPress for SEO, WordPress is the clear winner. It’s open source, it’s endlessly customizable, and it offers numerous plugins to help you further optimize your site and its content. Opting for Squarespace won’t ruin your SEO, but Squarespace makes it harder to troubleshoot and implement solutions.

While Squarespace might be a good choice in a number of particular use cases, WordPress is better if you’re concerned about SEO.

Jeremy Minick

Born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina. Spent high school summers running sandwich deliveries through the streets of Asheville, NC. Has a strong interest in helping small businesses do big things. When he’s not designing or marketing websites, you’ll find him spending time with his wife, family and friends.

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