Referral Program

The Industry’s Most Generous & Creative Referral Program for Contractors

We want to reward you and your friends for choosing Enable.

Qualifying Referral = Becomes a Client with Enable

1+ Qualifying Referral

We’ll send you a $100 gift card to Amazon or Apple–you choose.

2+ Qualifying Referrals

We’ll send you a $100 gift card to Amazon/Apple + we’ll ship you a mystery box, with hand picked gifts picked just for you.

3+ Qualifying Referrals

We’ll pay for a custom pair of work boots or dress shoes ($200 value), so you can keep looking sharp on the street and in your meetings with clients.

5+ Qualifying Referrals

We’ll let you choose any items you want from Carhartt’s website ($500 value) and ship them directly to you. With a closet full of new Carhartt gear, you’ll stand out on the job site.

10+ Qualifying Referrals

We’ll ship you a new set of tools that you pick out online (DeWalt, Craftsman, etc – $1,000 value) so you can have the best tools in the industry.

Refer today and start getting your rewards.

We'll give you a gift just for submitting your first referral!

How To Refer

Option 1

Submit Your Referrals Online

Click this link or scroll up to the form above to submit your referral.

Option 2

Refer Us via Email or Social Media

Use these ready-to-go templates to refer us via email or social media.

Option 3

Tell An Enable Team Member

Tell someone on the Enable team (email, text, call, etc) about your referral. 

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