Marie Miller

Singer, Songwriter, A Rising Star

A Rising Star

Marie began writing songs around 12 years old, a hobby that bloomed into a lifelong passion. It took her to Nashville, back home for introspection and college years, and then a fresh return to the stage.

Working with professionals producers, Marie debuted a new creative milieu with her first album, Letterbox. It’s described as ‘the true Marie Miller, breathing in all that life has to offer and crafting it with her own sense of hope, wonder and enchantment.’

With all these milestones falling in line, she needed a website that

  1. captured her unique sense of identity and presence
  2. helped her promote and sell her CDs
  3. Connect with her fans
  4. Showcase recent videos and single releases

She turned to Enable to tie her emerging brand together with a website.

Her new site showcases brilliant photography, and captures Marie’s sense of ‘hope, wonder and enchantment’.

“Jeremy did an amazing job on my website! He not only had great creative vision, but he also finished the website on time and was super easy to work with throughout the whole process.”

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Here’s what’s powering Marie Miller’s Site


Built with Wordpress

WordPress is completely free and comes with unlimited validity. Its versatility brings the flexibility to create any type of website, from a blog to a store. It fulfills all the SEO responsibilities that a content management system should. Most importantly, it's easy to use.


Designed with Divi

One of the fastest and best supported themes available, Divi is a professional theme primarily focused on modern, minimalist web design. It displays well on any screensize, guaranteeing a good user experience.


Device Agnostic

Enable builds all our websites to display well on any screen size. This means that it's the same website, with the same information, just rearranged and resized.


Easily Readable

A site stands on the power of what it says. It's therefore critical that your visitors are able and read what you have to say with ease. Enable lays out your pages with an eye to catchy headlines, room for text to breathe, and a healthy font size so that no one has to squint. It's all about a pleasant user experience.


Optimal Menu

By capping the number of items around 7, its usability increases. Studies show that packing a menu with too many options, and too many words, leads to click paralysis. The first and last items in a menu are the most important places, since that's where our eyes fall fastest. Enable usually opts to feature a high-level CTA as the final menu item.


Standardized Footer

Often overlooked, a footer is valuable real estate for site maps, SEO-rich content, and a summary of your site. Enable takes an additional step and adds a prominent CTA (call to action) as one of the last things a visitor will see at the end of a page. This helps keeps the website in focus, and makes it clear what you want your visitor to do.


Easy Social Engagement

Websites exist between ecosystems of networks and social media sites. Enable guarantees that your website is easy to share on major social networks. Since building fans around your social brand is an important part of your marketing strategy, Enable ensures that visitors can easily find and follow your key social accounts.


Easy Commenting

Engagement is critical to a successful blog, driving discussion down to the comments so that your community can sound off with each other, ask you questions and deepen relationships. Enable optionally boost your site engagement with Disqus, an industry standard for easy commenting with the best user experience in mind. Your visitors can enjoy sharing their thoughts with you.


Contact Form

Whether offering a free quote, or asking for feedback, contact forms are one of the the simplest things to implement that bring a unique level of power to your website. They can be customized to particular needs, but Enable stands by a tried-and-true layout that makes it easy for everyone. All messages are stored within the database, and then sent to you in an email for easy follow-up.


SEO Strategy

If you’re not being found, then your website isn’t working for you. Enable researches the best keywords for ranking in your industry, and then creates a strategy that aligns every page and element on your site with the same goal: being found by the people who want your business. You're covered with local SEO and industry-term specific SEO.


Clear Page Focus

No space is wasted. Every page has it's own focus, and they all fit together as part of a strategic vision to make the visitor's journey as easy as possible, and to be easily found in search results. Sometimes, individual pages will have their own conversion focus; a particular value to resonate with the reader's need, that then points them toward taking action.


Branding & Layout

Whether working with your predefined brand, or starting fresh, Enable works hard to build each site around a core theme, tying each piece together to best communicate your distinction. It will not only work well, it will look amazing - the perfect combination for inspiring visitor confidence.

Dominic is Enable’s design and brand specialist. He thoroughly enjoys helping businesses find meaning in their brands and define their distinction. Coffee, cooking and binge-researching are his hobbies. When not building websites, he is delving into projects to find the boundaries of his imagination. He hasn’t found them yet.

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