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Lakin Afolabi Law

Challenge: London, Ontario criminal defense lawyer Lakin Afolabi was looking to take its online game to the next level and needed a partner that could deliver a premier, conversion-focused website design for its firm. 

Solution: Enable determined to build a website that would emphasized the firm’s key differentiators, give visitors clear channels to get in touch, and also maintain SEO integrity throughout the site. 

Impact: The result is that Lakin Afolabi Law now has a website that is dominating search results, converting better than before, and looks as sharp as its attorneys.

“Reviews are always nice, but the greatest endorsement someone can give is a referral.

Since working with Enable my experience has been so positive that I have wanted my friends and colleagues to benefit from the same and make a point of referring them.

Prior to working with Enable I had used various freelancers and other companies. Many times they would get most of the the job done but I was always frustrated by small glitches and inattention to detail. I was instantly impressed with Dom’s web design at enable. It is clear that he is not an amateur and he knows what he was doing.

Dealing with Jeremy has been a pleasant experience as well. He is very easy to communicate with, efficient and professional. His goal is not just to finish another project but to fully understand and satisfy your marketing and branding needs. I was thoroughly impressed with the companies approach and their desire to reflect my company in a way that truly represented my brand.

I cannot say enough good things about this company and I will continue to refer my friends and family to them.

Lakin Afolabi

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