Whether working with a large expanding business or a small local business, project management tools come in extremely useful. They present one area where everything can be laid out and organized, making it easy for all team members to follow along with different projects in a smooth, clear manner.

If you are a business owner looking for the right project management tool for your business, we have created a list to help you. We’ve provided a list of 5 different project management software tools, with pros and cons to each, to help you decide which on is best for you and your business.

Don’t Stress: 5 Project Management Tools Perfect for Your Small Business


Project Management Tools

Asana is one of the best project management tools for small businesses. It tracks team work and features easy communication between team members. Project creation is simple and straight forward. One of Asana’s great features is that under projects you can create tasks, and under tasks, subtasks which helps maintain excellent clarity and organization.

Asana’s negatives? It does not have full offline support which may hinder your work if you are somewhere that the internet is not easily available. Also, if your business has any graphics focused projects, Asana may not be the project management tool for you. Click here to learn more about Asana.


Trello Project Management Tools

Trello presents it’s project with boards, lists, and cards giving you the ability to organize a screen to your taste. You can prioritize or mark each task as best suits you. Trello adapts to you and your business as best as possible to make your project management, for a team or individual, an enjoyable experience.

Trello’s negatives? Deadlines and due date options going along with projects are lacking. As far as visual organization goes, the boards can become a bit confusing with the different card and the separation of projects isn’t the clearest. Click here to learn more about Trello.


BaseCamp Project management tools

BaseCamp is all about organization and keeping everyone on the same page. It aims to keep management as simple as possible for everyone involved in projects, who might be using it.

BaseCamp negatives? As wonderful as it is that BaseCamp keeps everything so simple and easy to use, it may be too simple. It lacks easy connection to other software and its collaboration and communication features are not as efficient as other project management tools. Click here to learn more about BaseCamp.


Harvest Project management tools

Harvest is a project management tool that focuses on time tracking. It has great finance elements with features for budgeting, invoices, payments, and expense tracking.

Harvest negatives? Harvest was designed for small to mid-sized companies so it lacks some features that other project management tools have that were designed for growing businesses. Another downside is that the Harvest app for mobile devices doesn’t have full service and all the features that the program offers making it more difficult to work on the go. Click here to learn more about Harvest.


MeisterTask Project management tools

MeisterTask is one of the most intuitive project management tools. It integrates with MindMeister, the brainstorming mapping app, allowing for an extra level of communication for team members. It displays projects on Kanban style boards. It focuses on personal to-do lists but also allows you to keep track of other projects and other team members work progress.

MeisterTask negatives? If there is ever a need to remove a participant from a project or task it can be quite the hassle. Click here to learn more about MeisterTask.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor


TimeDoctor is a time management software with advanced time, activity and productivity monitoring features. The software is designed not only as a tracker for total time worked by every person on your team, it also provides a breakdown on how much time is spent on projects (clients), and specific tasks. TimeDoctor also monitors Internet use during work hours. Notifications will pop up if you spend excessive amounts of time on social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, and other personal web browsing activity.

TimeDoctor is currently available as a web app, desktop app, and a mobile app.

Jeremy Minick

Born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina. Spent high school summers running sandwich deliveries through the streets of Asheville, NC. Has a strong interest in helping small businesses do big things. When he’s not designing or marketing websites, you’ll find him spending time with his wife, family and friends.

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