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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) include?

SEO focuses on off-site and on-site optimizations. Both aim to accomplish 2 main objectives: 1) to align your website and online presence with the keyword phrases customers are using to search for your business and 2) to make Google aware of your presence as a relevant source for your product or service.

What will you post on my social media pages?

Our social media management focuses on consistency and helpfulness. We share blog posts from your website and, on occasion, from industry leading blogs. We also share “recurring theme” posts like ‘Monday Motivationals’ or ‘Tuesday Tip’.

How do you decide what topics are chosen for blog posts?

Identifying the most common FAQ for your industry provides us with topics for your blog posts. We find FAQ and then answer them.

Will I be locked into a long term contract?

No. Our marketing contracts work on a month-to-month basis. We believe in our product and our marketing packages are made to work with you–every day, every month, every year.

What is included in my monthly report?

Your monthly report provides data and analytics on each major category of your package. We also provide a summary of what we did that month, as well as a preview of our plan for the next month.

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