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Let them find you. Power your law firm with a conversion-focused website, a custom marketing strategy to grow leads, and content & social marketing to engage your audience.

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Law Firm Marketing


Affordable Web Design and Small Business Marketing


Communicate Your Brand with Clarity

Build your brand from scratch, or clarify your message to improve conversions. Then, bring it all together with premium design in a website geared to engage.


Define a Strategy for Growth

Your marketing strategy builds from your brand and website. We help you make a plan to grow traffic, find leads and achieve clear goals.


Build Awareness & Generate Leads

With a clear message and a strategic plan, we grow your business with proven marketing methods in social media and advertising. We build awareness, generate leads, and keep you connected to your audience.


Minick Law wanted the freedom to choose their cases. 

They needed a marketing strategy that made it easier to get found and convert high-value leads.

Enable is a lean, agile, expert law firm marketing company.

We are not designed to conform your company to our systems. We fit our systems to you, and your brand.

For a better price, you get clarity of purpose in your business, a custom strategy, and a dedicated project manager.

We will always design and execute your strategy for you, able to change and move with speed and precision.

Why Does Law Firm Marketing Matter?

Your next client is looking for help online. But will they find you?


94% of search engine clicks are organic search results.


Over 40% of potential clients will read your firm’s reviews before making a decision.


57% of readers will visit a lawyer’s website after seeing a positive review.


74% of all legal consumers visit law firms’ websites to take action—another reason to guarantee your website is up to par and immediately provides an intuitive and helpful experience for potential clients.


87% of people who contact an attorney go on to hire an attorney, and 72% of them only contact 1 attorney.

How Enable Handles Marketing for Your Law Firm

Agility is key to success with law firm marketing.

We’re used to recommending bold decisions stemming from research and discussion, moving quickly, and being responsive to our clients and their clientele–it’s critical to success in any industry.

Once we have developed a winning law firm marketing plan, we go into action, and roll out our marketing practices in order to get you where you want to go.



Proven methods to gain you more leads, increase site traffic, and boost your ranking.


Lawyer Profiles

Unified company branding across all legal directories and lawyer profile sites


Paid Ads -

Ads to find warm leads and generate awareness on Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Reputation Management

Reputation crafting designed to send the same message across all of your public profiles, sites, and listings.


Expert Branding

Help from a strategic support team in defining your niche and brand you as an expert in that field.


Backlinks / Directories

Consistent link building by sharing your content and getting recognition for it.

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10 minutes could bring you
10 or more leads a month.

Small Business


per month. avg price.
6 month minimum.

Project a clear brand, build awareness around your company and generate leads.

Mid-Size Business


per month. avg price.
6 month minimum.

Define your strategy, using your brand and website to expand your reach and grow your business.

Large Business


per month. avg price.
12 month minimum.

Grow your business with clarity, strategy and expert execution to win your market, at scale.

Win Your Market

Get more business, improve your systems and win the greater piece of market share.

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