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Help Your Friend Make More Money

Refer Enable to a small business you know, and help them grow their business. You can keep 10% from their website project. That’s $125-$500. 

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You’re 15 seconds away from being someone’s hero.

Most small businesses don’t know what’s out there to help them.


Does your friend have a small business? Is it clunky and old, and needs an upgrade to start boosting income?


You can help them modernize their business, and accelerate with digital marketing. Thanks to you, they can grow their bottom line.


Help them upgrade their marketing with Enable. They’ll start making money. You’ll get 10% when they sign on.

Let’s break down the numbers

Our average project:


Your Commission:


You Make:




Completely free to you

No fees or commitment required.

Up-front payment

You get paid immediately after each payment we receive. No waiting around.

The same rate, no matter what.

Whether your friend’s project pays us $1,500 or $5,000, you get 10%.

Can I refer a friend?

Yes. We accept referrals from anyone, and pay the same 10% commission whether you are a large company, a startup, or an individual.

I’m an Enable client: can I get referrals?

Yes. Do you enjoy working with Enable, and had a great experience? Tell your small business friends and your clients about us. You will make a 10% commission off their contract with us.

How do I refer my friend?


1) Talk to them

Shoot them an email, and let them know that you’ve found an affordable way for them to upgrade their business, and start making more income.

Perhaps their website is old or outdated. Run it through our free website audit tool, and show them the results.

Share with them why you’re confident Enable can help. Shoot them a link to one of the pages that inspired you.


2) Use the Referral Form

Ask them if you can have Enable contact them. Send us their name, phone, and email, and we’ll reach out to set up a discovery call.

3) We Reach Out

We’ll take it from here and contact your friend. We’ll walk them through our discovery process, and how we plan out a strategy to boost their bottom line. We help them assess their needs and price out the site.

4) You’re the Hero

When they sign on with Enable, you earn 10%. And your friend will probably take you out for a free coffee. Because you just helped everyone make more money. You’re awesome.

Anyone, Everyone

Almost everyone needs the basics of a solid, conversion-focused website. As a web design and marketing company, we’re ready to enable whoever wants a boost. This could include:



+Criminal Defense
+Personal Injury
+Real Estate
+Estate Planning
+Family Law


+Construction & Home Building
+Handyman / Home Improvement
+Roofing & Siding
+Maid Service / Cleaning Service


+Assisted Living
+General Practice / Family Practice
+Hospice Care
+Physical Therapy
+Mental Health
+Wellness & Nutrition


+Auto Repair
+Auto Parts
+Auto Restoration

Hi from Jeremy

Hi, I’m Jeremy, head coffee-drinker at Enable. Also the founder.

Fresh out of college, I was working for my attorney brother. That was when I realized that I didn’t want to be an attorney. But I did like handling marketing for attorneys. I liked helping businesses find their voice and be discovered.

Many small businesses simply don’t have the time to make a website, create logos, and market their business. And none of us have a lot of money, so it has to be affordable.

I challenged myself to find that line in such a grey area. And Enable was born.

We handle both web design and marketing, because you can’t have one without the other. A good site is built around a strategy to go out and find new visitors. Good design builds on that to convert visitors into customers.

Shoot me a message sometime, to share a comment or question, or to say hi!

All the best,

Refer Your friend to Enable.

15 seconds to hero-ness and counting…

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