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Hundreds of companies are using Enable Chat and the results are great. Our customers call Enable Chat a “game changer”.

We have multiple case studies from companies who have seen significant increases in their online leads and have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.



Customer Engagement


Increased Revenue

Why we exist

We believe customer expectations are higher than ever, and customers want to communicate with businesses in the way THEY want to.

We provide omnichannel solutions across chat, SMS, voice and social messaging applications to solve the communication issue between customers and businesses.

4 Other Reasons To Use The Tool



Chat completion rates on Enable Chat are 80%-85%. This is compared to live chat completion rates around 30%-40%.

The reason live chat numbers are significantly lower are due to long wait times, human error, and a live agent who is unfamiliar with the industry.

Companies who have compared this metric when making the switch from Live Chat to Enable Chat have seen “night and day” results and are very happy with the numbers.



Enable Chat analyzes the querywritten by a customer and automatically responds within 3 seconds. Customers still feel like they are chatting with a person because of the graphics we have put in place during that 3 second wait.

They are fully engagedwith the chat (as seen with the high completion rates) and complete the entire chat processin less than a minute. We live in a society where people want instant gratification. Enable Chat ensures this to happen.

Text with leads

We have taken our conversation technology to the next level and can now text enable phone numbers that were never able to have text conversations.

Our proprietary technology can now automatically respond to customers who are trying to text your landline or VOIP number.

Message on Facebook

We also went through the process to get approved by Facebook for companies who want to take the automated conversations to their social media accounts.

It’s important that we bring the full omni channel experience to our clients because their customers want to contact them in multiple ways. 


Live Chat: Needs human agents to supervise and respond to incoming chat messages

Bot Chat: Ability to pre-train chatbots ensures that they handle every chat without human supervision


Live Chat: Limited capabilities: One live chat agent can handle a maximum 2-4 chats simultaneously

Bot Chat: Can handle multiple chats at any given instance. Chats with unlimited visitors simultaneously

Response Time

Live Chat: Lack or staff or human errors causes delayed responses, especially for small-medium businesses

Bot Chat: Provides quick, instant responses as a result of intelligent automation

Ease of Use

Live Chat: Requires setup and installation. Two fold interfaces with cluttered dashboards

Bot Chat: No setup or installation. Most platforms like Bottr require simple signups. Offers easy-to-use unified interface


Live Chat: Only available during working hours. Requires a full fledged support team

Bot Chat: Online 24/7. Answers all incoming messages at all times

Cost Efficiency

Live Chat: Demands hiring a customer support team and live chat services which start from $12/agent/month

Bot Chat: Starts at $200/month and works for your business 24/7, 365 days a year. 


How much customization can we do?

At the moment, clients are able to customize the templates we have provided. Clients can customize their responses to certain questions, change the wording of how they prompt new questions, and exclude certain questions that they don’t want to include in a given template. Additional
features are constantly being developed to allow for further customization.

Can this integrate with my system?

As long as you have the necessary API endpoints for us to transfer data to your system, we can easily pass along data to any system. We are in the process of completing additional integrations so we will be able to integrate with virtually all of the major CRMs.

Can I receive a text notification?

Yes. All we need is a phone number and we can set it up.

Can I add questions?

You aren’t able to add questions to the templates at the moment because there needs to be some logic coded into the conversation. We work closely with all partners and clients and have customized hundreds of bots based on needs.

Typically, we like to review any questions you may want to add just so we can ensure certain questions won’t cause conversions to suffer. All of our bot templates are built with the purpose of converting traffic at the highest
rate and we want to make sure we always maintain our top-notch standard.

We are also developing a knowledge HUB feature which will allow for questions to be answered.

Can I create new templates?

New templates are added every month based on demand in the market! If you have a template you want to be added, just let us know what the template is for and what kind of information you are looking to capture!

We do offer a “General bot” template which serves to capture information quickly. We also have a hybrid live chat service which gives you the opportunity to jump in at any time regardless of what template you are using.

How do you handle customers who come across as confused?

With any AI, conversations aren’t going to be perfect. Our AI is constantly learning and able to answer new questions every week. Fortunately, we do allow our customers to jump into the chat at any time if a question is asked that our bot might not understand. Notifications can be configured for when this happens.

How much do you charge customers?

Our standard price range is from $199-$499/mo. The price depends on the size of the company, how many leads they estimate from their website each month, and how much traffic their site is getting. This also gives our partners room for a big margin when reselling the product.

Can I customize the bot to my brand?

Yes, on the customize chatbot section on the backend dashboard, you can customize the bot. It only takes a few minutes and our team is willing to help if there are any questions!

Why is Enable Chat better than live chat?

Enable Chat is fully automated. This means that you don’t have to worry about a company managing the chat for you or you don’t have to pay someone to do it. This saves a lot of money. We also see extremely high chat completion rates because of the automation. When someone starts a chat, they end up completing it 85-95% of the time! When you compare this to the 20-30% completion rates of live chat, it’s a no brainer to use Enable Chat.

How does the bot work on texting?

We have the ability to text enable any phone number so your automated Enable Chat conversation can engage customers through text. We still give all of the same features on your account so you still have the ability to jump in and text your customers directly through your Enable Chat account.


Adding Enable Chat to your Facebook page is simple and can be done by logging in and authorizing our bot to engage on your Facebook Messenger page.

Desktop Notifications

When a chat starts, you can enable desktop notifications so you have the opportunity to jump into the conversation. We recently have added sound notifications as well so you can enable a sound bite to play every time a chat starts as well.

How does tracking work?

We have tracking integrations with Google Goal Tracking, and Google Tag Manager. We also provide our own internal tracking directly through your dashboard. On your dashboard, you will be able to see how many chats were started vs. completed, # of reviews, # of call clicks, source of the chat origination (I.E. Google, Facebook, Bing), and also UTM URLs if you want to track back to specific campaigns or buttons.

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