Best Online Note Management Tools

With a clean and simple interface and advanced functionality, Evernote is one of the best task management tools on the market. It’s basic (free) version gives you some great features from the start, allowing you to clip web pages (aka “bookmark”), share and discuss notes on its platform and sync all your devices.

Free and easy to use, Evernote is a great platform for individual team members within a small business or organization to collect information and share it seamlessly among team members and all their devices.

Google Docs

Best Online Note Taking Tools

Google Docs is one of the best note taking and task management tools out there simply because it is made by Google. As a result, it runs like clockwork within the framework of any other Google application (e.g. Drive, Calendar, Gmail, etc.) that you may be using.

In addition to its smooth integration with Google products, Google Docs also possesses advanced text editing features, works with Microsoft Word, has a hundreds of templates to choose from and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.


Best Online Note & Task Management Tools

Although Simplenote doesn’t have the extensive network of features as Evernote and Google Docs, it’s rewards is in its simplicity. It’s interface is as clear and simple as the picture (above) of Simplenote’s homepage suggests. Because it uses cloud-based storage, Simplenote allows you to create, sync and share documents at lightning fast speeds. See some more strategy deployment software here!

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