Affordable Web Design

24/7/365. That’s the amount of time your website is working for your business. It doesn’t sleep, or take breaks. It sells your business constantly. At least, it should. Is yours?

Affordable Web Design

Your business presence online is a non-negotiable today.

Is your website badly out of date? Did your developer disappear on you, or is hard to catch?

Are you losing customers because you aren’t mobile-friendly? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, and your site is a money pit, instead of a money generator?

For a small business, your website needs to function like a salesman. On autopilot. All the time.

It needs to be primed to convert your visitors into new business.

Stop wasting time on a dud website. Customers looking for your products or services will judge your business by what they see, and how they interact with you online.

Ready for affordable web design that stops losing prospects, and starts winning customers?

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Upgrade Your Business

It Just Works

A powerful, beautiful website geared to convert visitors on any device into business.

Social Media

Visitors can find you on social media, follow you, and share your content.

Visual Design

Get a design edge over your competition. Edits happen in days, not weeks.

Monthly Review

A personal review on how your website and marketing strategies are doing.

Digital Marketing

Leverage additional services to actively find new customers  – while you’re busy elsewhere.

Campaign Manager

We help you create ad campaigns to market your site and services, and work with you to improve ROI.

Our Websites Win Customers

We build websites using conversion-focused, customer-first principles.

Our average turnaround is under 4 weeks from start to finish.

Once you get in touch with us, and sign a contract that spells out the work we’ll do together, here’s our ‘business class’ breakdown:


1. Identify Brand Narrative

First we sit you down and hash out your Brand Narrative. This clarifies your target audience, and core message.


2. Structure & Goals

We meet with you to break down the standard areas of your site, discover what you need, and make suggestions.


3. Rebuild Your Site

We provide fill-in-the-blank templates to help you rewrite/bring greater clarity to your new site pages.


4. Build Round 1

Once we have everything we need, we build a development version of your new site.


5. Review & Edits

You will be able to annotate your edits and provide feedback. We then implement these in a second round for your feedback.


6. Launch!

Once you’re satisfied that we’ve all met the goals you agreed to in the contract, we launch your new site and hand you the keys.

Web Design Tips & Resources for Small Businesses

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Frequently Asked Questions for Affordable Web Design

Before We Start


What are your qualifications?

We have over 10years of experience in creating marketing strategies, building websites, and launching projects for happy customers. Browse our reviews.


How is the project managed?

Since we’re a small team, Jeremy will be your initial contact and project manager. Dominic will then step in and work closely with you to deliver your website and edits.


Can you create a new logo for me?

Yes, we can. It is an additional service, so talk to us about our process for a comprehensive logo package.


Will my site be responsive, and work on any device?

Definitely. That is the new norm for websites, and since most online traffic is on mobile, we guarantee a pleasant experience of your site for everyone.


Can you build an e-commerce site?

Yes, we can work with you to use existing e-commerce solutions for your online store. Most stores don’t need more than what’s provided in standard plugins like WooCommerce, or Easy Digital Downloads. If you need more, we can discuss a custom solution with you.


Are your sites custom built, or templated?

Custom built. Every client has different needs, so we custom design, theme and build out each page. We do use a templated process for how the pages are structured, but our goal to help you stand out from the competition, never blend in.


Can I see other sites you've designed?

Absolutely; you can browse our portfolio, and we can send you a list of live sites we’ve recently launched.


Do you handle domain name registration?

Yes, we can take care of setting up, transferring, or repointing your domain to your new website.



What are your payment terms?

It depends on your particular needs as we agree upon in the contract. Usually we require  a 50% downpayment to start, and the rest after launch. If you are on a monthly plan, then the terms are simpler.


What are your rates?

You can see pricing here. We are upfront with our costs, and will walk you through everything. We will never surprise you with extra costs.

The Process


How long is your average website process?

From start to finish, we average under 4 weeks. Each week is devoted to an aspect of the process: Week 1: Information and content gathering. Week 2: Round 1 of the site design. Week 3: Round 2 edits and updates. Week 4: Finalise and launch.


What do you need from me to start?

Our initial meetings will ask you for brand identity details, work with you on your narrative, and define together your core pages. Before we start, we will need from you all logo files, graphics and photos, and all text you need included.


Will I be able to see the website while you're building it?

Definitely. We’ll bring you in mid-process to start getting feedback, edits, annotations and any tweaks necessary.


How many rounds of revisions are there?

To keep to our agreed-upon pace of a 4 week build, we offer 2 solid rounds of edits. The second round is usually small tweaks and text edits.


Who will write the content?

Usually, it’s a collaboration. We provide structured templates for you to fill-in-the-blanks. We then review, refine with an eye for clarity and engagement. Then we respond with our edits so that you can confirm them. We can also help you write everything from scratch.


How many pages will my website have?

This depends on the number of pages that you need, but we usually start with 5-6 core pages, and then build out additional pages for each service and location you support.


Will you find images for my website?

Absolutely. We prefer that you take fresh photos of yourself, your team, your products, and your environment, to provide a better site experience. If that’s not possible, we provide 1 round of searching for either free photos, or stock photos you can purchase.

After Launch


Will I own my website once it’s launched?

It’s all yours. Your Enable team will continue to support and develop it as long as you need us. Should you decide to take your business elsewhere, we will happily turn over to you all the files and information we have.


What search engine optimization or marketing do you do?

If you settle for a marketing plan with us, then we do have standardized processes for generating leads and helping your site rank. We provide an SEO plan for your site that involves each page, and a 6-12 month strategy to help you reach the best possible rank in Google. Ask us, and we’ll be happy to show you more.


What other services do you provide?

We usually provide graphic design, content marketing, and video support as a way to help you engage your audience, and maintain a presence on social media.


Can I add a page after my site is launched?

Of course. We’ll be on hand to provide site support and edits as needed. Your monthly support plan will grant you the number of edits  you assume you’ll need per month. Over that, we’ll charge by the hour, always affordably for small businesses.


Will I able to make edits to my site?

Absolutely. Once the site is live, we can walk you through how the backend works. You’ll be able to make basic edits at your convenience, or get in touch with us to handle larger edits.


What support can I get after my website is launched?

We provide basic support and maintenance; so updates, upgrades, edits and fixes. If you need revisions, new pages, or an overhaul, we will pre-agree on those terms with you and sign a contract to keep things up and honest.


What type of results can I expect?

It always varies depending on the amount of work you have contracted us to do, but an average Enable client gains 11.5 new leads each month.


Minick Law wanted the freedom to choose their cases. 

They needed a marketing strategy that made it easier to get found and convert high-value leads.

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