Why should your business’ website have a blog? What makes a blog worthwhile and valuable? Primarily, a blog is there to help your website with search engine optimization (SEO). Google and other search engines love content – and quality content too. The more content you have, and the higher its quality, the higher the chance of your business rising in the search rankings. That’s why we came up with 5 important reasons your website needs a blog – to show you how valuable it is to your business.

Some common objections to writing a blog for your website that we hear a lot are “Who would even read it?” or “What’s the ROI on a blog?” or “My industry is too boring – I would have nothing to write about.” Have you ever thought these things? Then read our list below. Here are 5 important reasons your website needs a blog.

A Blog Brings Your Brand To Life

A website, although it offers loads of important information, is not personal. Consumers may visit the site, scroll around for a bit, and find the answers to the questions they had, but there is something lacking. Your website presents your business in a straightforward, informative manner, but seems focused on the company, not on the customer.

A blog, however, helps you to interact with consumers on a whole new level. It is a more interactive way to communicate with potential customers. You can answer general questions about your service or products with a blog, you can give helpful tips about your industry, and customers can utilize and visit your blog to find out more information on what you offer and your levels of expertise.

Your business can reach out and spread the word about your services throughout the community through blogging. With a comment section on each post, too, your business can provide a place for customers to give their own feedback on your content and respond to each other with more tips and tricks of your industry.

Here are some ideas for ways to help bring your brand to life through a blog.

Establishes Your Personality And Your Voice

It would be hard to be attracted to a business that never had anything to say about anything, wouldn’t it? Your website needs a blog to have a voice. Having views on certain topics will help give your business personality, which in turn, will attract people to your company. One of the perks of blogging is that it can help you draw in that kinds of people your business wants to draw in.

Presumably, you do not want to create a public outcry by expressing your opinions or alienate potential customers, but showing that you are a real person running your business with opinions and thoughts and someone who cares about the community is very attractive to potential customers.

Are you a diehard Packers fan? Are you an avid marathon runner? Do you love watching The Walking Dead? Then let your readers know! Incorporate your favorite topics into your blog posts and other web content to give your business some personality.

Content Is King

As we said before, the primary reason to have a blog is to provide quality content. Content works wonders for search engine optimization. Having an online presence on a host of topics under a host of different search terms show search engines that you are an industry expert and capable of answering the questions of people searching for your industry.

If you’re looking to rise up on the rankings, regularly updated fresh content is the way to do it. For more information on the importance of content read this article from DuctTapeMarketing.

It Allows You To Position Yourself As An Authority In Your Industry

The more quality content your website has and the more knowledge you have to impart, the more reliable your business appears to potential customers, making them more likely to turn to you instead of your neighboring competition.

If content is king, then sheer quantity is his only slightly less powerful younger brother. The more information you can give on a topic, the better you know that topic. The better you know your industry, the more clients and potential clients are going to trust you and your business.

So what should you write about? Everything! Give helpful tips, give frequently asked questions in-depth answers, give assistance to your readers who may be wondering how to solve a particular problem on their own without hiring an expert (although this may seem counter-intuitive, being willing to offer free advice makes potential customers trust you more – think about it).

Consumers are looking for assurance: they want to hire experts. Blogging is a great way to let them know that your company knows what it is doing.

Generate More Leads

All of the other reasons come down to this: what is the ultimate goal of a website? To attract more consumers to your business and gain more customers, right? Well, if that is the case, then your website definitely needs a blog.
Firstly, having a vast amount of content raises your search rankings, as well as expands the number of search terms under which people can discover your website. One quality and well-crafted blog post can serve as a gateway into your website and drive lots of traffic to your business.

If you have a great website that is well set up and designed to convert customers, then what you need to increase the number of visitors to your website. And blogging is the perfect way to do that.

If you have a good website with quality blogs, chances are, the conversion rate will also rise with the rise in your google rankings. For more on the benefits of blogging and marketing read this article from Hubspot.com.

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