2019 is going to be a big year at Enable. It’s also going to be a big year for our clients.

Our team is having more fun than ever before as we plan out all the programs we’ll be launching in the new year and explore all the ways we can better serve our clients in 2019.

Although it’s 2018, the Holly Jolly Giveaway is really the first of these initiatives for 2019.

(If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably heard of our Holly Jolly Giveaway. If you haven’t, you need to stop reading this post immediately, click this link, and learn more / enter to win our HUGE $25,000 giveaway.)

For those of you who have entered the Giveaway, and even for those who are simply watching the campaign, you’re probably curious to know what exactly we’re giving away.

In this post, I’ll do just that. I’ll give you an inside look into all the gifts the Holly Jolly Giveaway winner will receive.

1. New Website Design (Valued at $7,999)

Your website is the core of your marketing activities (especially the ones we’ll be helping you with). As a result, it should be an attractive, professional, and engaging destination for your customers.

It should also do 2 main things in particular:

  • Communicate Your Message – What does this mean? What’s the goal here? Branding expert, Donald Miller, puts it best when he says: “People don’t necessarily buy the best product, they buy the one they understand the fastest.” Your website needs to communicate who you are, what you do, and why you do it, in seconds.
  • Convert Visitors Into Customers – In addition to communicating a clear message, your website also needs to turn traffic into leads. The layout of the website, its pages, contact forms, phone numbers, email optins–all of it needs to be carefully positioned to convert.

2. Website Optimization (Valued at $999)

Website visitors typically make a decision to stay or leave your website in the first 7 seconds. Your website needs to be fast and allow the user to use every bit of these crucial seconds.

To help your website be blazing fast, we’ll do a number of things including:

  • Host it on Cloudways – we’ll put your website on a private, blazing fast server at Cloudways
  • Install Speed & Optimization Plugins – we’ll install plugins on your website that speed up the site; plugins like Divi Nitro, Cloudways’ Breeze, and Cloudflare.
  • Setup Caching – we’ll make sure caching tools “save copies of your website” in browser history so that pages load faster when users come back to the site in the future.

3. Branding & Messaging Session (Valued at $499)

As I mentioned earlier, Donald Miller puts it best when he says: “People don’t necessarily buy the best product, they buy the one they understand the fastest.”

Having a clear vision for your brand will help customers understand what you do, how you do it, and why you do it…

…AND it will help you understand your customer, what their problems are, what they need, and how you help them solve their problems.

We’ll achieve all of these things in the Branding & Messaging session, which is the very first exercise in every website we build.

4. Brand Narrative Guide (Valued at $499)

As a part of the Branding & Messaging session, we’ll fill out a document we call the Brand Narrative Guide.

Think of this as a summary for your brand.

Together, we’ll edit it and polish it so that you have a definitive brand narrative to guide what you say and what you write to customers throughout the year.

5. Logo & Brand Kit (Valued at $999)

Once we nail down the narrative and story for your brand, we need to communicate it visually.

We will translate your brand narrative into a new logo, business cards, letterhead, social media graphics, email headers and signatures, and more.

6. Strategy Session (Valued at $999)

Knowing who your customer is and what they need is one important part of the puzzle.

Reaching your customer is a larger piece.

Our Strategy session will walk through our internal Strategy Guide, where we work through strategic exercises like a SWOT analysis and Target Market analysis.

Additionally, we’ll also work closely with you to come up with some game changing ideas and campaigns that could help build awareness around you and generate leads or engagement. (Example: the Holly Jolly Giveaway)

7. SEO Session (Valued at $499)

Building an attractive website that no one can find is sort of like building a resort in the middle of the woods with no roads leading to it and no signs telling you where it is.

Optimizing your website (and all of its pages) to appear for many variations of keyword phrases (think services or products) related to your business allows your website to show up when they’re searching.

Not only will we handle the SEO for your site (as a part of our marketing package), but we’ll also teach you how to do SEO so you help us bring more customers to your website.

8. 1 Year of Hosting (Valued at $299)

Thinking of hosting as the property upon which your house (your website) is built.

As I mentioned in the Website Optimization section, we’ll be using Cloudways to host your website, as well as keep it fast and secure.

9. 1 Year of Support (Valued at $599)

All of the registrants in our Giveaway are small businesses or solopreneurs, which means that having a team to support their website is essential.

We’ll provide 1 hour of edits (add/remove pages, text, images, etc) on your website each and every month.

Have something you want to add to the site? Want to create a new page? Great. Pick up the phone and call us. We’re here to support you achieve your dream.

10. Yext Listing Management & Optimization (Valued at $999)

Business listings (like Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Bing, etc) are a vital part of being visible and reachable online.

Our partner, Yext, allows us to create and manage over 100+ business listings simultaneously so we can keep your business name, phone number, email address, description, hours, photos, videos, and more synchronous across all of your listings.

11. GMB Listing Optimization & Review Generator (Valued at $999)

Getting reviews / testimonials is crucial for building trust with your potential customers, even before they contact you.

According to this study, 57% of consumers will only use a business if it has 4 or more stars.

Getting 4+ star reviews on your Google listing (the #1 search engine and likely the majority of traffic to your site) is vital, then, to building a credible brand online.

12. 1 Year of Digital Marketing (Valued at $9,999)

In case you don’t believe that we are really giving away a $10,000 digital marketing package, I’ll show you rather than tell you.

Here is a sample contract we’ve sent to clients proposing this same package.

Everything outlined in this contract will also be included in the official contract we will send to you right after you win the Holly Jolly Giveaway.

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