Web design blogs are powerhouses of data, best practices and information for developing successful sites.

Here are the top 10 websites that the Enable team turns to regularly for inspiration in crafting a powerful site.

Share your #1 favorite in the comments below!

1. Elegant Themes

Web Design Blogs You Need To Follow

This is the best blog for web designers I’ve ever read. Every blog they put out seems to answer a question I had, am currently having, or will have in a week.

The topics of their articles are so in tune with my own questions as a web designer that I’m starting to think they are tracking my search history. I kid.

But seriously, these guys are mind readers for young and old web designers alike, giving you quality information on how to improve your web design skills, handle clients, maximize time management and dominate your niche.

2. Web Designer Depot

Web Design Blogs You Need To Follow

 This is the melting pot of web design blogs. The team at Web Designer Tuts+ does a great job of catering to all sorts of skill levels and design methods.

This is one of those blogs that is great way to waste time usefully.

3. Creative Overflow

Web Design Blogs You Need To Follow

This is a web design blog right for business owners and driven entrepreneurs working to increase productivity, grow their business, and step ahead of the competition.

4. Web Design Tuts+

Web Design Blogs You Need To Follow

Web Design Tuts+ does a great job of catering to those who are more technically oriented in web design. T

hey give the latest tricks and tips in HTML and CSS and offer helpful information on using simple coding tricks to make your designs stand out.

5. Hongkiat

Web Design Blogs You Need To Follow

This is basically just a Thanksgiving Day meal for any topic digital. While it has web design and SEO advice, it also has articles related to computer maintenance, online malware, graphic inspiration and business branding.

6. Awwwards

Web Design Blogs You Need To Follow

As a web designer, this is one of those blogs that just needs to sit in favorites. I reference Awwwards almost every week for web design inspiration.

They feature some of the best, most clean, designs in the digital world and within five minutes will have you pumping out ideas for world-class designs.

7. Dribbble

Web Design Blogs You Need To Follow

A daily roundup of phenomenal design samples, with everything from illustrations to daily UX challenges. This is one of the best places for instant inspiration for graphic design and website layouts.

Most of the best and well recognized designers dribble here daily. It’s an amazing place.

8. Smashing Magazine

Web Design Blogs You Need To Follow

As their description says, Smashing Magazine is a great online resource for web designers and developers to improve their techniques and strive for best practice web design.

They produce textbook quality info and are great if you’re looking to improve your web design skills in your off time.

9. Vandelay Design

Web Design Blogs You Need To Follow

These guys just have a business and blog that web designers all over the world love. Creativity and energy shows in their work and flows through their writing.

If you are into modern, conversion-based design, Vandelay Design is right up your ally.

10. Patrick McNeil

Web Design Blogs You Need To Follow

Normally I hate when web designers use their own name for a website. But, I make an exception for such narcissism in the case of Patrick McNeil.

He’s a technical guy, who prefers analyzing the code and design heavy ends of web design, but right up their with some of the best bloggers.

Bonus Extras:

  1. Web Design Directory
  2. Graphic Design Listings
  3. Our own blog. :) We are recognized as a top Website Design Company on DesignRush!

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