Write this down: Google doesn’t kill off projects. It learns, transforms them and integrates.

Google Plus tried to be a social network, and it didn’t work. So they stopped touting that horn, rethought what their network could do, and transformed it.

Here’s an comment from ‘The Skeptics Guide to Getting Targetted Traffic from Google+‘:

Google+ consistently delivers more engaged visitors than both Twitter and Facebook. On average, a visitor from Google+ will spend over three minutes on your site, compared to around two minutes for those other platforms.

Google+ continues to change and will (my prediction) grow ever stronger as a platform for people and businesses to connect globally and strengthen their presence locally.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

1. It Never Was, Nor Ever Will Be Facebook
2. Strength In Communities
3. It’s A Business Platform
4. The SEO Power of Google+
5. Its connection to YouTube
6. Google my business (is the new YellowPages)
7. Google Reviews
8. Directory Listings
9. Google’s Indexing of Google+ Pages
10. Google Doesn’t Kill Things, It Integrates

Let’s take a deeper look.

10 Reasons Google+ Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Different

1. It Never Was, Nor Ever Will Be Facebook

Google+ isn’t Facebook. Let’s just get that straight. It wasn’t Facebook in 2011. It’s not Facebook now.

Google+’s strength has always been in its ability to connect quickly with complete strangers—something that is still difficult to do on Facebook.

Facebook tries to connect you with your immediate community and friends, kinda like keeping you in your local coffee hour.

Google+ helps you find and connect with groups filled with people from all over the world. It’s like coffee hour at an international airport. (My words. Grain of salt, etc.)

And it’s because of this ability to connect with so many so quickly that Google+ will continue to thrive on a different level.

2. Strength In Communities

Google+ Isn't Dead - Google+ CommunitiesThe most valuable part of Google+ is its communities.

They allow people and businesses to introduce themselves, share information and foster business and interest driven relationships.

3. It’s A Business Platform

 Google+ will continue to grow into and serve as a B2B platform.

Content marketing is a part of every SEO driven business and Google+ (my prediction) will continue to be an even hotter hub for sharing new content.

Guess what that also means?

Quality content that really engages people – stuff that inspires, interests and informs – will continue to be the rule to stand out from others and get noticed.

4. The SEO Power of Google+

While this is only speculation, I think that the SEO power of Google will not decline but, again, only transform. Probably get better.

Since many of the complaints against Google+ concerned the high-ranking results of Google+ posts, Google will likely diminish the value of its posts.

Hackernoon posted this recently:

Do yourself a favour, and post your articles to Google Plus. You won’t get anyone clicking the post, but Google will rank it on the first page for you.

The SEO power of Google+ as a whole will not decline.

5. Its connection to YouTube

Its integration and relationship with YouTube as regards SEO will become stronger.

People continue to be hungry for video. Creating quality videos should become a larger part of your marketing strategy.

…and then post them on your Google+ page.

6. Google my business (is the new YellowPages)

30% of commercials I hear in between my Spotify playlists pitch to me that phonebooks are dead. Google my business is the new YellowPages.

It’s true.

I don’t know when I last used a phonebook. Unless you’re over the age of 60, phonebooks make fantastic doorstops. Searches from desktop and mobile are easier, faster, and more accurate than ever. Don’t believe me?

According to official Google statements, more than 50 percent of search queries globally now come from mobile devices. (SearchEngineLand)

That’s a lot of people whipping out their phones.

7. Google Reviews

Google+ Isn't Dead

If you are an SEO technician, social media marketer, or Internet marketing consultant, then you probably already know that Google+ Reviews are an important part of of search rankings.

Google+ Reviews are an integral part of Google my business which is why they will continue to carry weight moving forward.

Google is happy when people get the content they search for, and engage with it. That’s because Google knows its working. Therefore, Google puts a premium on trusted, vetted and high-engagement content.

Reviews show everyone that you are credible.

Your reviews are your gold.

8. Directory Listings

As long as Google my business is around, it will have an important role in local search rankings.

Google scours for local citations to align with the way your business is listed on Google my business.

This will not change, which means that it’s more important than ever that your citations in local directories, e.g. Yelp, or aggregators, e.g. FourSquare are aligned with your Google my business listing.

9. Google’s Indexing of Google+ Pages

Though Google+ will continue to transform and develop, that doesn’t change the fact that Google always has and will love itself. Google loves its own products. It loves its own services.

And it will continue to love its own social media platform and the SEO power contained within.

10. Google Doesn’t Kill Things, It Integrates

 I think it should be noted again that Google is not known for pulling the chord on any of its products. It tries them, learns from success and failure, iterates, and relaunches.

Google+ didn’t start out perfect.  But it will continue to explore the value it can bring to community building.

Google+, in connection with Google my business and YouTube, will continue to harness valuable SEO power and marketing purpose.

What’s your biggest question about using Google+?

Updated from original date July 31, 2015

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